From the Espresso Tree

Sometimes you taste a coffee that begs for a slightly different style of roast and extraction. We've been enjoying our second coffee from the group "Asociación Creciendo con el Campo" / El Aguacate quite a bit the last several weeks and decided to release it under the bill of 'espresso.' That's right! Our first espresso release. Now don't get it twisted- this isn't a dark roast, nor is it the same coffee as our other release just roasted darker. This lot was separated in Colombia by our exporter partner for its unique profile and heavier body. It's got a syrupy, complex mouthfeel and floods the cup with berries when made as espresso. Fully washed, fermented in cement tanks for 14-24 hrs, then sun-dried. Don't limit yourself to preparing this coffee as espresso by any means as it performs exceptionally in your pour-over setup or your aeropress as well. Have fun, enjoy this juicy, colorful release. 



PS- there is no espresso tree- you need some pressure for that part.

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