We won a Sprudgie award!!

Well folks, 2015 is off to a screaming start here at Ruby and we are so very grateful for all the continued support! One of our early campaigns to offer fun, exciting coffees to customers on a monthly basis has grown into an award-winning subscription program! Our monthly Colorful Coffee subscription was just given the nod by industry-leading online publication Sprudge.com. Each month Matthew and I (Jared) taste through some of our current and incoming coffees with the specific intention of seeking out two (usually) coffees that will complement one another and offer an insight to what we are particularly excited about. We're a pretty bare-bones operation so there aren't a lot of bells and whistles associated with the subscription, but we are so grateful that nonetheless it caught Liz's attention and she had so many wonderful things to say: 


From Sprudge.com:

"Best Subscription: Ruby Coffee

These days there’s a mail-order coffee subscription for every taste and proclivity imaginable. Ever-changing samplers of seasonal artisan roasts are available from a range of third party curators who gleefully repackage beans, right to your door. Single-roaster subscriptions have risen in sophistication, too—the defunct Tonx was bought out by Blue Bottle Coffee largely for its sexy subscription infrastructure. It’s not an easy modern landscape to compete in.

It can be even harder without long-term name recognition. Ruby Coffee, helmed by mom-and-pop duo of Jared and Deanna Linzmeier, set up shop in Jared Linzmeier’s native Central Wisconsin in 2013, with the ex-Intelligentsia and Ladro roaster’s promise to roast “colorful” and delicious coffees in, uh, the woods. But Amherst Junction—and even big-city Stevens Point—aren’t what most of coffee’s culinary snobs might consider progressive (beyond a thriving beer and cheese culture, of course). The task would be trickier than at other coffee startups: while the overhead to set up a roastery and raise a family on Jared Linzmeier’s family land would be low, getting the national exposure—and volume—needed to bankroll their progressive roasting styles and appropriately-priced single origins would be a challenge. Ruby’s risen to it quickly though, through a reputation built on the quality coffees they began producing seemingly right away, and via a healthy dose of well-conceived and copiously deployed aw-shucks-it-snowed-again Midwestern social media charm.

When I was looking for a coffee subscription earlier this year for great beans I couldn’t get readily in New York City, Ruby came immediately to mind. Being able to peek into a window of a new roaster that has the freedom to both experiment and, well, be themselves while creating a brand that’s both local and international is exciting. And the coffees? Well-selected, lovingly roasted, and delicious in the cup. We’re awarding them best subscription because, chances are, you’re too far from Amherst Junction to pick up a fresh-roasted bag yourself. But also because we’ve been nothing but impressed by Ruby’s ability to make a great name for itself in spite—or perhaps because—of its geography.

— Liz Clayton"

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