List of past subscription coffees

We decided to clean up the subscription page a bit, but wanted to preserve a list of coffees that we sent out in past months. 

We select coffees we're particularly excited about, often pairing two side by side. Here is what we have sent out in recent months:

Feb 2016: 8 oz Colombia Ignacio Quintero and 8 oz Colombia Robinson Figueroa

Jan 2016: 8 oz Colombia Omar Torres and 8 oz Sulawesi Minanga 

Dec 2015: 8 oz Ecuador Murray Cooper and 8 oz Rwanda Cocatu 

Nov 2015: 8 oz Colombia Aguacate and 8 oz Ethiopia Reko 

Oct 2015: 8 oz Guatemala Nacimiento and 8 oz Kenya Ibutiti AB

Sept 2015: 8 oz Guatemala Consuelo and 8 oz Kenya Ibutiti PB

August 2015: 8 oz Guatemala Esperanza and 8 oz Kenya Gachatha AB 

July 2015: 12 oz Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere and 4 oz Kenya Gachatha AA

June 2015: 8 oz El Salvador Natamaya and 8 oz Ethiopia Guji Uraga

May 2015: 8 oz El Salvador Matalapa and 8 oz Colombia Danilson Oidor

April 2015: 16 oz Colombia San Jose

March 2015: 8 oz Colombia Agustino Forest and 8 oz Rwanda Gitesi

Feb 2015: 8 oz Colombia Aguacate and 8 oz Kenya Gatuyaini 

Jan 2015: 8 oz Kenya Gatuyaini and 8 oz Colombia Carlos Imbachi

Dec 2014: 8 oz CHEERS! Holiday Blend and 8 oz Ethiopia Adado

Nov 2014: 8 oz Colombia Union Nariño and 8 oz Kenya Tegu

October 2014: 8 oz Colombia Pedregal and 8 oz Kenya Kangunu AA

September 2014: 16 oz Ethiopia Sidama Aleta Wondo

August 2014: 8 oz Ethiopia Kochere and 8 oz Nicaragua Mama Mina

July 2014: 8 oz Ethiopia Aramo and 8 oz Kenya Kamwangi PB

June 2014: 16 oz Ethiopia Konga and a small taste of Ethiopia Chelekektu


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