Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

Ruby Coffee Roasters

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  • Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale
  • Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale
  • Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale
  • Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale

The Acaia Pearl coffee scale has a bevy of features specifically designed for coffee brewing. It features quick, responsive, laboratory grade weighing mechanisms that read with a resolution to a tenth of a gram, along with measurement in ounces, and a built in timer. It quickly helps you weigh coffee to brew, and is perfectly designed to measure water during manual brewing. 

The scale features a calibration mode to re-calibrate to perfect precision, a weight mode, a weight and timer mode, and an automatic tare mode as well. 

It also has bluetooth technology built into the brain of the scale, allowing you to control functions via  the Acaia apps, and see visual read outs for flow rate while manual brewing. 

We believe scales are an important part of coffee brewing in order to accurately measure the right amount of coffee when density can vary between coffee to coffee, and we believe the Acaia Pearl is the best coffee scale that will help you brew amazing coffee for years to come. 

Scales are also an integral part of any kitchen — once you have an Acaia on your counter, you can use it for baking, cooking, and other ambitious kitchen projects that require precision. 

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