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  • Colombia Duvan Rivera
  • Colombia Duvan Rivera

Duvan Rivera is  a young farmer who owns a parcel of the family farm, El Retiro. It was said that the elevation of the land that El Retiro is founded on is so high that coffee would never grow properly there. While it's true that the have been some struggles to produce coffee at 2200 meters, where the temperature dip at night so low they often cause frosts, the resulting slow growth of the trees and slow maturation of the coffee fruit really pays off with huge sweetness, depth, and complexity in this coffee.

Last year, Jared and Jesse Myers were able to visit Duvan at the farm and present him with a bag of his coffee roasted by Ruby. It was a humbling moment for us to show Duvan our interpretation of his work. 

With the ripening process taking over a month longer than lower elevation farms in the area, and with fermentation occurring at lower temperatures, the coffee from this young producer is able to build complexities in his crop over a longer period of time, generating a wider variety of fruit acids and sugars.

We first tasted Duvan’s coffee when Pedro at Pergamino exporters sent us a sample. He knew immediately that it would be a perfect fit for Ruby and immediately worked on making the connection between us. Duvan is dedicated to a life of farming and the quality of his coffee shows that hard work. We hope to partner with Duvan and his brother Over for many years to come.

relationship: 3 years, partnered through importer
farm type: small estate
processing: fermented 48 hours, dried on raised beds
region: El Hato, Caicedo
variety: Caturra, Colombia
elevation: 2200 masl
taste notes: cane sugar, melon, fig, maple

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

Orders placed by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday will roast and ship the next day. Thank you!

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