Colombia Sampler Pack- 4 x 12 oz

Ruby Coffee Roasters

$ 65.00

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Limited roast—please place orders by 2:00 p.m. Sunday for roast and ship the following day. 

We buy more coffee from Colombia than any other country so we have decided to assemble a Colombia-only sampler pack featuring some of our newest and most exciting coffees.

Current sampler includes a 12 oz bag of each of the following coffees:

1. Colombia Antonio Canas (Timana, Huila) - ripe red fruits, lush body

2. Colombia Elvia Irene Burbano (Buesaco, Narino) - crisp citrus, marmalade, milk chocolate

3. Colombia Basilio Pillimue (Inza, Cauca) - black tea and soft tropical, honey

4. Colombia Angel Maria Lopez (Narino) - distinct melon notes, beautifully round and syrupy

This will ship in a USPS Priority flat rate padded envelope.

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