Ethiopia Gesha Village Trio Pack

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Pre-order for roast on January 16th to receive one eight-ounce bag of each of our three Gesha Village lots.
This season we worked closely with Adam Overton from Gesha Village to select these three beautiful lots for our customers. 
In the cup, these coffees are supremely elegant. They lay soft on the palate and have amazing complexity. We are proud to be one of the few US roasters to offer them.
Region: Bench-Maji zone (Southwest Ethiopia)
Producer: Gesha Village Estate
Elevation: 1916-2069 meters
Lot information:
1. Gaylee - Illubabor Forest cultivar obtained from Ethiopian coffee research center, washed processed; taste notes mango, hops, caramel, pineapple
2. Dimma - Illubabor Forest cultivar, washed; taste notes melon, tangerine, vanilla
3. Bangi - Gori Gesha cultivar gathered from nearby native coffee plants, dry fermentation processed (not a natural/dry process); taste notes Earl Grey tea, cocoa, plum

Gesha Village Estate is an exciting and inspiring new project from Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel, with the help of many talented individuals. The coffee farm is located near the Gori Gesha forest in far western Ethiopia, near what is considered the origin of the Gesha lineage that has since traveled so far.

There is so much to say about this project. Adam and Rachel did lots of homework and exhaustive research--including genetic studies--before planting their first Gesha seeds in this location. In addition to seeds from the Gori Gesha forest, the estate has an experimental plot to study indigenous coffee varieties.

3 x 8 oz bags / Whole Bean. Total coffee weight 24 ounces.

We only roast and ship this trio pack on select Tuesdays. When ordered in conjunction with other coffees all will roast and ship together on the next listed roast date.

Please place orders by 5:00 p.m. Central Time the day before roast. 

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