Ethiopia Gesha Village Dimma

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  • Ethiopia Gesha Village Dimma
  • Ethiopia Gesha Village Dimma

This is our third year offering coffee from Gesha Village. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with such a progressive and inventive farm project. Our offering this year comes from the Dimma section of the farm, named for a famous gold mining town, and is comprised entirely of Illubabor Forest 1974. This variety was chosen from the research center to be planted alongside the two Gesha varieties for its flavor profile, noted for its floral and citrus qualities, along with the variety’s consistent yield and disease resistance. Illubabor Forest, as an heirloom coffee variety, has strong genetic diversity from developing naturally in the wild.

By consciously pursuing biodiversity on the farm, Gesha Village is developing long-term sustainability with higher yields from the coffee trees, and better soil health and disease resistance barriers along the edge of the farm.

The Dimma lot this year is bursting with floral aromatics and beautifully sweet stone fruit qualities. By pushing for longer development times in a slightly shorter roast window, we’ve really seen these flavors come bursting out of the cup. This is our third year offering this coffee, and we can’t wait to see how it develops next year, too.

Region: Bench-Maji zone
Lot: Dimma
Producers: Adam Overton & Rachel Samuel
Elevation: 1909-2609 meters
Variety: Illubabor Forest 1974
Processing: mechanically de-pulped, fully washed shade and sun dried
Taste notes: jasmine, mixed berries, nectarine, hops

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean

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