Ethiopia Naga Singage

Ethiopia Naga Singage
Ethiopia Naga Singage
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It’s hard to think of a coffee growing region with name-brand recognition quite like Yirgacheffe. Located in the south central area of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is home to high mountains, rich soil, thousands upon thousands of coffee gardens planted with naturally hybridized coffee varieties, and one more thing: many, many other micro-regions.

Yirgacheffe as a region was granted a sort of protectorate status from the Ethiopian government, sort of like how D.O.C. works for wine in Italy — in order to be labeled as Yirgacheffe Coffee, the coffee had to be traceable back to the region. For many years, Yirgacheffe was a prized name on most coffee roasters menus, but the creation of the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange (ECX) brought along new rules for how coffee would be traded. Instead of co-ops directly
working with buyers, the coffees would now mostly be run blind through the exchange. This broke down many previously beneficial relationships, but it also allowed for newer farms and areas to gain attention based on the quality of their coffee.

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts of the ECX was the more specific designation of coffees from Yirgacheffe. Many smaller regions within Yirgacheffe began gaining attention for themselves: Gedeb, Chelelektu, and especially Gedeo. This coffee was built from 1000 farmers contributing coffees to the Naga Singage washing station, which is managed by Testi Coffee. While we don’t always get many details of the story behind the coffee, this cup speaks for itself, and we’re excited to learn more as we build a relationship with this producer.

Relationship: new, partnered through importer
Farm type: co-operative
Processing: fully washed, sun-dried
Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
Variety: mixed heirloom, Kurume
Elevation: 1950-2150 masl
Taste notes: pineapple, peach, golden raisin, honey

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

Orders placed by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday will roast and ship the next day. Thank you!

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