Ethiopia Sidama Aleta Wondo

Ruby Coffee Roasters

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This gorgeous coffee from Sidama has already become one of my favorites of the year. This lot is grown at ridiculously high elevations above 2000 meters & consists of heirloom cultivars. It's been carefully processed and prepped at the Haraicho station and the cup is just plain lovely. 

Expect fragrances of jasmine and bergamot, aromas leading into more toast and orange marmalade. In the cup it's got caramel for days and an exotic blend of flavors like pineapple, black tea, grapefruit, cherry juice. 

Overall expect an enduring softness to this cup, with many of these notes taking on a more supportive role to the central milk chocolate sweetness this coffee has to offer. 

It performs particularly well on filter, but will make a light, vibrant espresso as well.


12 oz / whole bean


This coffee is a Monday only roast, web orders will ship Tuesday. Please order accordingly. 

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