Honduras Pedro Sagastume

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  • Honduras Pedro Sagastume
  • Honduras Pedro Sagastume
  • Honduras Pedro Sagastume

Pedro Sagastume is a third generation coffee farmer. His drive to farm coffee comes from love. He wants to “...be a coffee producer like my father and my grandparents. It is our tradition.” After 30 years of managing his own farms, Pedro has been able to invest more heavily into his processing mill and develop higher quality lots every year. All of his coffees are dry fermented for 24 hours, washed 4-5 times, and are put through a staged drying system on raised beds and then inside a solar dryer to help combat the cool, humid weather in Santa Barbara that can damage coffee parchment as it’s drying. The family has been able to push development of their coffees through the entire chain of production, as they own their own wet mill and drying facilities.

Pedro has called coffee “an agricultural product that can sustain a family,” and his sons are increasingly more and more involved managing his estates. At a time in coffee production where young people are leaving farming at an alarming rate to pursue job opportunities in the cities, it’s more and more important to find family driven projects, like Pedro Sagastume’s, which generate sustainable lifestyles by rewarding high cost of production and the higher coffee quality that comes from it with high premiums. We’re thrilled to have this coffee back for the third year in a row, bursting with big fruit flavors and a silky body.

Region: Santa Barbara
Farm Name: Las Quetzales
Producer: Pedro Sagastume
Relationship: 3 years, partnered through exporter
Elevation: 1600 meters
Varieties: Parainema
Processing: washed, dried on raised beds and t hen a solar dryer
Taste notes: lychee, hops, orange zest, bourbon

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

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