Kenya Gathaithi

Ruby Coffee Roasters

$ 18.50

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We are so happy to have secured some amazing Kenyas this year and this Gathaithi picks up right where Rukira left off.

It was grown in Nyeri by the Gathaithi Farmers Co-op at elevations exceeding 1700m. 

Washed processed, SL 28 & 34 cultivars, AB lot. 

In the cup you can expect amazing balance and spice with a beautifully long finish. Notes of grape juice, soft red wine, hints of allspice, apple cider. Very versatile coffee; we have enjoyed it immensely as espresso or brewed filter on V60 or Kalita. 

Like most of our offerings (especially from Kenya!) we don't expect this will last long on our offerings list. Grab it while you can! 


This coffee only ships on Wednesdays, please order accordingly. 


12 oz / whole bean


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