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Kenya Kangurumai AA
Kenya Kangurumai AA
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Kenya Kangurumai AA

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Tasting Notes:  Blackberry Jam- Raisin - Turbinado Sugar - Vanilla Bean


Kangurumai is one of five factories included in the Kangiri Farmers Cooperative Society amongst New Irati, Kanguya, Gatumbi, and Kanjathi. Located in Muranga County on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountain Range, the Cooperative was established in the 1980’s and became well known for its meticulous quality control practices. Nearly 5 years ago, the factories worked together to form a special committee dedicated to ensuring fair wages to farmers for their coffee cherries. 

The Kangurumai factory in particular, processes coffee harvested from about 250 trees on half acre plots from the rich volcanic soil of the surrounding farms. Only the ripest cherries are delivered to the factory where they are then hand sorted and floated to remove any defective beans before processing. Once the coffee is depulped, fermented and washed, it’s soaked in freshwater that comes from the nearby Kanyirir Spring which helps to solidify that hallmark Kenyan flavor profile. 

Over the next two weeks, coffee is dried on raised beds that were optimally constructed for proper air circulation and temperature control to ensure effective and efficient drying. Beans are then sorted by size and shape using screens. Larger beans are labeled as the AA category, which are known for their fruity and sweet flavor profile

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

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