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  • Mexico San Sebastian Coatlan
  • Mexico San Sebastian Coatlan

San Sebastian Coatlan is a small community in Pluma, Oaxaca, where they grow the variant of the coffee variety Typica known as Pluma Hidalgo. The area is home to soaring elevations and rich soil, but historically, large coffee plantations focused on quantity would purchase the higher elevation coffees and blend them into their community lots.

When the market price for commodity coffee dipped and coffee leaf rust ran rampant through the farms, most of the plantation owners gave up on coffee farming, leaving the higher elevation smallholders as the only coffee producers in the region. Without a market for their coffees, however, it’s been a big struggle.

Our import partners at Red Fox have been working in Oaxaca to help source coffees from rural areas that had typically been underrepresented in the United States. While larger co-operatives have traditionally been able to export their lots with ease, smallholder farmers have been left trying to find buyers for their coffees. In order to assist with this goal of connecting high quality coffee farmers to buyers willing to pay premiums for quality, Red Fox has now set up a full-time office in Oaxaca.

Market access is one of the biggest hurdles that faces rural, smallholder coffee farmers. By having a direct avenue to a new set of coffee buyers, coffee farmers can see a 200-400% increase in price. 

At Ruby we’re excited to feature this unique offering, and we’re even more excited to see how this relationship can grow in the future.

relationship: new, partnered through importer
farm type: collection of small farms
processing: 18-24hr dry ferment, dried on petate
region: Plume, Oaxaca
variety: Plume Hidalgo
elevation: 1900-2200 masl
Taste notes: cocoa powder, almond, dried apple, cinnamon

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

Orders placed by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday will roast and ship the next day. Thank you!

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