Peru Bellocpampa

Peru Bellocpampa
Peru Bellocpampa
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The Valle Inca cooperative is very non-traditional. The group functions less like a traditional co-operative in which all the farmer members blend their lots together and more like a loose group of producers, led by Prudencio Vargas Saenz. With 127 members, Valle Inca is rapidly growing.

Prudencio previously had been an agricultural loan officer — typically, most coffee farmers have to take out loans in order to raise enough capital to harvest and process their coffee, and hope that the year’s harvest will pay back the loan as well as earn some income for the farm. From his position as a loan officer, Prudencio could see there was a gap. He decided to loosely form the Valle Inca group, purchasing dried parchment coffee from farmers at prices higher than they’d ever seen, and use the premiums from green coffee importers to reinvest in infrastructure for the community to keep improving quality.

Typically, the best quality coffees in Peru come from small producer groups breaking off from large co-operatives that originally prioritized certifications over quality. Valle Inca is working from a different perspective, prioritizing quality first, and just now finalizing their organic and Fair Trade certifications.
One of the most promising aspects of Valle Inca is Prudencio’s commitment to discovering new farms in the rural hills and mountains and connecting those farms to the Valle Inca network, giving new opportunities in the specialty coffee world to farmers.

We’re excited about the work that Valle Inca and Red Fox Coffee
Merchants are doing together!

Relationship: New, partnered via importerFarm type: Collection of small farmsProcessing: 18-22 hour dry fermentation, washedVariety: Bourbon and TypicaElevation: 1600-1752 maslTaste notes: melon, dried mango, blood orange, crisp apple

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

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