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  • Peru Pampas del Inka
  • Peru Pampas del Inka
The Santuario Co-operative has been working in the Cajamarca region for two years to help unite the farmers in the area. The co-operative is well known for technical assistance that it provides to farmers: agricultural experts visit each of the 360 smallholder producers in the co-operative to help with soil, cultivation, harvesting, and processing coffees.

Peru has been a country long driven by pursuit of certifications to help increase the price of coffee. Most farmers have established their farms as Fair Trade and Certified Organic in order to generate better revenue for their coffee. It’s not until recently, however, that co-operatives have been following new leadership that help push for quality coffee that garners much higher premiums for farmers.
Santuario also has a novel approach to helping market the coffees from their cooperative members. Instead of bulking every coffee that is harvested by the farmers in the group to one large lot, Santuario pairs small farms near to each other up to help create unique microlots that can be sold individually. This lot from the Pampas Del Inka community is made up from two farms: El Pino and El Mirador. Both of these are farms that were inherited by a younger generation of coffee producer, and both represent a forward looking approach to establishing sustainable prices for coffee produced in Peru.

We’re very excited to continue our relationship with the farms in this region of Peru and seeing how the quality develops year after year.
Region: San Jose del Alto
Farm type: Collection of small farms
Relationship: new, partnered through importer
Elevation: 1850 meters
Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra
Processing: 20-36 hour wet fermentation
Taste notes: green apple, brown sugar, poached pear, baking spices

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

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