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  • Peru Yoel Samaniego
  • Peru Yoel Samaniego

Yoel is a 3rd generation coffee producer. In 2012, he took over the farm that his grandfather and father before him had been working, and dedicated himself to quality. When asked why he decided to stay a coffee farmer were to uphold the traditions of his parents and because coffee is the only product that helps his family financially.

Yoel’s coffee was exported with the help of Origin Coffee Lab, a group based in Peru that strives to increase yield productivity, lower cost of production, pay premiums to farmers, and create market access. Through their work, they paid out $387,650 in quality premiums to producers last year, which was a 496% increase over 2017. 

Their work is also what made it possible for Ruby to connect to Yoel through Atlantic. Many farmers across have high quality coffee but no direct connection to a roaster who’s willing to pay a premium for it. Programs like these help Yoel to achieve his goals: to have a business of his own, and to plant more quality and technically focused coffee. One of his main issues right now is switching varieties of coffee plants in order to improve quality, and he really hopes that roasters and consumers understand the reality and the hard work that happens on the farm.

Producer: Yoel Samaniego and Deyli Guerrero
Region: Jaen
District: San Jose del Alto
Farm Name: El Mirador
Elevation: 1900 Meters
Varieties: Yellow Caturra
Processing: 20 hour dry fermentation, fully washed, dried for 5 days under plastic tents and in the sun
Taste notes: apple butter, tangerine, fig, clove

12 oz / 340 g whole bean

We roast on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Orders placed by 5:00 p.m. Central Time the day before a roast will ship the following day.

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