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  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea
  • Spirit Tea

Spirit is a tea company from Chicago that is based around sourcing teas directly from tea gardens and tea factories. Their dedication to quality takes them all around the world to establish direct relationships that connect the origins of that tea each tea drinker.

We feature a variety of Spirit Teas both at our Nelsonville Tasting Room and our Stevens Point Cafe. We're excited to offer some of these selections to our online customers, as well. 


A black tea from Yunnan China that captures all the deep, sweet, malty flavors of a classic breakfast blend tea.

Water Sprite

A darker oxidized oolong tea that has complex aromas and deep sweet fruit and floral flavors.


An herbal blend of Saigon cinnamon, sichuan peppercorn, and lemongrass, bringing a pleasant bright spiciness to both hot and iced tea styles.


An herbal blend of Chinese ginger, turmeric, Malabar black peppercorn, lemongrass, and licorice root, Malabar is spicy, fragrant, and warming. 

Qi Lan

A "rock tea" style oolong from Fujian, China,  Qi Lan is produced by a variety of extended baking periods while shaping the leaf, showcasing lightly sweet and subtle flavors.

Zairai Sencha

Sench is a style of green tea from Japan which features steaming the leaves to halt oxidation. This sencha features fresh green flavors and a right lime zest quality.

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