Ethiopia Yabitu Koba

Ethiopia Yabitu Koba
Ethiopia Yabitu Koba
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For five years, Ruby sourced coffee from the Guji Uraga region of Ethiopia. And even though Ruby won a Good Food Award in 2016 for this coffee, it wasn’t until 2018 that we were able to establish any transparency with the producer group.

Coffee in Ethiopia has to be sold through the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, which helped many co-operative groups establish better wage transparency based on nationally reported sales prices. One drawback is that many coffees were then marketed and sold based on region, and the ability to trace a coffee back to the producer was lost for years.

This is our third time being able to offer coffee traced back to the Yabitu Koba village, processed by the Feku Jabril group at the Hana Asrat washing station. This coffee represents over 720 farmers in the village who all collect coffee cherries from their garden of coffee trees to drop off at the mill. 

Because the Guji Uraga region is the highest elevation point in Ethiopia, the coffees are able to undergo a 72 hour soaking period during the washing process which helps develop deep sweetness and complex fruit notes. 

This coffee is the perfect example of how pristine processing can create beautiful flavors in a coffee, and we’re extremely happy to be able to make a more direct connection to the coffee producers who are responsible. 

12 oz / 340 g. Whole bean.

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