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Press & Accolades

-Tasting Table: Best Coffee Roaster in WI

Ruby Coffee Roasters sells all kinds of coffee to its customers, including decaf beans, organic options, blends, seasonal offerings, and much, much more. You may have a hard time deciding which varietal to get, as pretty much all of them sound incredibly intriguing, so try a sampler pack that features a mix of four to help you narrow down your search. Stop by the restaurant and café Ruby operates in Stevens Point to get a full meal at any time of the day accompanied by a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee.

-Serious Eats: The Best Instant Coffee Blend

Full-bodied and round, Creamery was the most balanced blend we tasted with flavors that reminded us of milk chocolate, caramel, and red apple. We particularly liked this blend when we added milk.

-Acaia Customer Interview

-OnMilwaukee: One tank getaway- Stevens Point area

"Ruby Coffee Roasters, 1410 3rd St., is unbeatable for morning refreshment. The cafe opened in the heart of downtown Stevens Point in 2019 and focuses as much as possible on the organic, local and sustainable ingredients. The coffee is great – so great that Food & Wine called it the best in Wisconsin – but miss the pastries and sweet crepes at your own peril. You can also feast on heartier fare, too, like avocado toast, French toast, burgers, a breakfast BLT, a skillet bowl and more."


-Food & Wine: Best Coffee Roaster in Wisconsin 2022

"Something of a pilgrimage site from day one, thanks to Jared Linzmeier's industry experience and connections, this small-town gem enjoys a well-deserved reputation far beyond state lines."

-Wisconsin Foodie: Full Episode

-Wisconsin Foodie Article written by host, Luke Zahm 
"Good energy equals good food. Or in this case, good energy equals the best cup of coffee you will ever experience in a lifetime. I promise."


-Food & Wine: Best Coffee Shop in Wisconsin 2022

"Being recognized as one of the country's best coffee roasters pretty much out of the gate (in a state that already had plenty of them) is pretty major, as accomplishments go; to then put yourself in the position to be tripped up by an all-day cafe bearing your name? An all-day cafe selling actual meals? There's a reason why you don't see many of those types of places on this list—very few roasters are all that good at making the transition to full-blown hospitality. Not so Jared Linzmeier at Ruby Coffee Roasters, who had always welcomed people into his small-town roasting operation, but had a vision of creating a proper community hub, which he did, over in nearby Stevens Point, in mid-2019. Besides the bright and beautiful, careful coffees Ruby is known for, and in a similarly inspired space filled with natural light, you have breakfast tacos, sourdough bagels, burgers made with beef from the family farm, and loads of creative drinks."

-Wisconsin Innovation Award: Business to Consumer Winner- 2021

"Ruby Coffee Roasters is a small town business offering coffee subscription services tailored in volume and flavor and
 frequency to individuals and businesses nationwide. The subscription offers an opportunity for individuals at home to
have a variety of curated offerings sent to them saving time and money."

-Thrillist: Cozy Cabins and Magical Shorelines Await in This Midwest State

"If you have more time to spend in the area (and I hope you do!) head 25 minutes northeast to Stevens Point to check out the Stevens Point Sculpture Park and to have the best maple latte of your life at Ruby Coffee (their daily quiches are also pretty fantastic)."

-Heavy Table: Color, Flavor, And Resilience: Ruby Coffee Roasters 

"On the typical Ruby flavor balance, Avrum says, 'When a flavor note does come through, it comes through really strong. And then as it sits, it disperses into something else, whether it’s fig or apple, or maybe kind of lemony. It keeps changing, and it changes as the coffee cools. Their coffee is very nuanced, and often accessible.'"


-Chicago Tribune: Midwestern mecca Ruby Coffee is brewing up something special in Wisconsin

"Many of the coffees Ruby sources are from small, family farms that have their own mills to depulp, ferment and wash coffee cherries. Ownership of the processing stations allows farmers to experiment, using a variety of washing and drying methods as well as monitoring moisture levels that help preserve flavor nuances. That attention to detail is noticeable in Rigoberto Rodriguez, a medium roast from Honduras, that straddles subtle, deeper fruit notes while maintaining traditional, easy-to-drink smoothness."


-WPR How Stevens Point's Ruby Coffee Roasters Built A Company Out Of Great Coffee

"Jared sees Stevens Point undergoing a transformation, and he’s excited to be part of it. High-end coffee and locally sourced food can be part of it. And excellent coffee, he said in an interview, is definitely not the province only of the coasts or urban centers."


-Food and Wine Magazine Best Coffee in Wisconsin, 2018 & 2019: 

Wisconsin: Ruby Coffee Roasters, Nelsonville
With the benefit of a lot of experience and plenty of people rooting for him, Jared Linzmeier moved to a tiny town in Central Wisconsin five years ago, fired up the roaster and started turning out some of the most respected coffees in the country, a welcome reminder that if you’re doing a thing really well, you can do it pretty much anywhere these days, and people will find you. A modest space for tasting on the Ruby compound is open Saturday and Sunday mornings, and if you’ve found yourself unexcited by coffees from Peru before, get in here and try the Mendosayoc, which also happens to have a pretty cool backstory. In 2019, Ruby returns to the grid, so to speak—a proper café is now in the late stages of construction, over in nearby Stevens Point.


-GQ's Best Bags of Coffee You Can Buy Online

"Ruby Coffee Roasters founder Jared Linzmeier is the Bon Iver of the coffee world. I know that this is an obnoxious comparison to make but it is unfortunately true: Linzmeier was working as a roaster at major coffee brand Intelligentsia when he decided to give it all up and move to Nelsonville, Wisconsin—a town of only 158 people. It’s there that he achieved the extremely unlikely and created one of the best roasters in the US. Ruby’s slogan is “colorful coffees”—it lives up to that promise with some very flavorful ones."


-Food and Wine: 'So Where Does Coffee Go From Here?'

" the superb Ruby Coffee Roasters, run out of a tiny town in Wisconsin and shipped to cafes all over.."


-Winner: 2016 Good Food Award


-Wall Street Journal: Coffee's Next Generation of Roasters

"One factor driving the proliferation of independent cafes and roasters is that it’s never been easier to source obscure, overlooked coffees. The supply chains that established coffee importers spent years creating—and, in many cases, jealously guarding—are now accessible to small buyers with good taste. And a group of influential wholesale roasters is supplying high-end beans to neighborhood cafes (and even selling directly to customers online). At various coffee shops in Portage County, Wisconsin, you can now find beans hailing from Gitesi—a well-respected washing station in Rwanda, where the coffee seed is removed from its skin and dried—by way of Ruby Coffee Roasters, a local outfit started by former Intelligentsia roaster Jared Linzmeier."


-Thrillist 21 Best Coffee Roasters in the USA

"The best that most small towns can offer in terms of coffee is a fresh pot of diner drip, but Nelsonville, WI isn't most small towns. The 200-person population dot on the map is home to Ruby, the roasting project of an Intelligentsia veteran that in the past two years has worked its way into the hoppers of some of the best coffee shops in the country. The flavor profile skews towards sweet and juicy, with a focus on Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Colombian coffees, and beans come from a host of other Latin American producers with which Ruby's developed personal relationships that will bear brewable fruits for years to come."


-Epicurious 18 Roasters You Need to Know About

"What happens when a former Intelligentsia roaster heads back from the sunny traffic of LA to his native Wisconsin, with carte blanche to build whatever kind of roastery he wants on his family land? Magic, apparently, in the form of constantly excellent beans from Ruby Coffee, whose Amherst Junction, WI operation turn out aptly nicknamed "colorful coffees" with a focus on freshness and careful roasting. One of the best!"


-Sprudge: A Trip to Ruby Coffee Roasters in Rural Wisconsin

 "What’s surprising about Ruby isn’t so much that Linzmeier—a veteran of Intelligentsia Coffee in Los Angeles and Caffe Ladro in Seattle—has built a successful, quality-driven small coffee business in the deer fields of Wisconsin, but rather that he’s built such a nationally respected brand so physically far away from most of his customers. Linzmeier estimates that, incredibly, only about a third of his business at the moment comes from within the state of Wisconsin. Offering a stable of seasonal, market-priced specialty coffees in an existing (or saturated) market like Portland, OR, or Brooklyn, is one thing. Doing it out of a barn in Amherst, Wisconsin (population 1,042) is quite another."


-Honorable Mention along with the Seven Most Influential Roasters in the USA


-Legalzoom A Colorful Coffee Success Story


-New York Times mention in 'How Cold Brew Changed the Coffee Business'

"At All Day, a coffee shop in Miami that’s on the must-visit list of coffee fanatics, cold brew is the foundation of the menu. Camila Ramos, one of the owners, uses beans from Ruby Coffee Roasters in Nelsonville, Wis., for standard cold brew..." 


-Sprudgie Award for Best Subscription 2015

"When I was looking for a coffee subscription earlier this year for great beans I couldn’t get readily in New York City, Ruby came immediately to mind. Being able to peek into a window of a new roaster that has the freedom to both experiment and, well, be themselves while creating a brand that’s both local and international is exciting. And the coffees? Well-selected, lovingly roasted, and delicious in the cup. We’re awarding them best subscription because, chances are, you’re too far from Amherst Junction to pick up a fresh-roasted bag yourself. But also because we’ve been nothing but impressed by Ruby’s ability to make a great name for itself in spite—or perhaps because—of its geography."

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