El Salvador Talnamica

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  • El Salvador Talnamica
  • El Salvador Talnamica

Finca Talanamica has been in the Nena Mendez’ family for generations. The land was consistently farmed for commercial grade coffee, pursuing quantity over quality, but when Nena and her siblings inherited the farm, they wanted to pursue a new approach producing specialty coffee. It was through coincidence that Jared was travelling through the region around the same time and was able to meet the family, sparking the start of a new relationship.

In 2012, the Mendez family sorted their coffees into 50 micro lots in order to experience with Jared the difference in flavor development and quality of each parcel of land. The results were eye-opening and integral in the Mendez family's better understanding of how to build higher quality blended lots. This level of commitment produced the cleanest, sweetest lots yet, and helped Ruby understand the weight of what a partnership could mean. 

This year saw the beginnings of the full potential of this partnership: not only was Ruby able to increase the amount of coffee ordered from Talnamica and Natamaya for this single origin release, but we also were able to purchase large quantities to be a part of Creamery. From Hermann, himself:

“We welcome Jared's increased order, we actually look forward to having advanced orders/fixed price to secure the income to practice a better agriculture. Having a certainty of purchase conveys a sense of economical security, peace of mind, and decreased financial risk that encourages us to produce better coffee."

Orders placed by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday will roast and ship the next day. Thank you!

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