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Jared Takes On The Tour Divide

Our founder Jared is an avid outdoorsman with many athletic passions such as cycling and cross country skiing. As he prepares to embark on the Tour Divide, we wanted to get his take on a couple of different topics, his inspiration and what he'll be taking along with him for this weeks long trip. Read below if you're interested in learning about this side of Jared and Ruby Coffee Roasters!

Inspiration + Preparation

First of all, I am inspired by the route itself, which starts in Banff, Canada and traces 2750 miles along the Great Divide of North America down to the border of Mexico. The full Adventure Cycling Association Great Divide Mountain Bike Route now starts further north in Jasper, Alberta, but I am riding the Tour Divide race route that follows a slightly different track. Along the way, it travels through sublime landscapes full of wildlife, mountain passes, historic towns, and so much more. It is one of the longest unpaved/off road routes in the entire world so it's an opportunity to travel this massive distance using your own power while being immersed in history and beauty and mostly away from traffic and busy roads. What an amazing way to see this part of the country!

I've been riding bicycles most of my life one way or another, but it wasn't until about 2016 that I started pursuing longer endurance rides and more unpaved routes. I found long rides to be rewarding and fulfilling, bringing me a sense of peace and accomplishment as I built up my fitness and learned some of the skills necessary to be self-sufficient. Over time, those rides got longer and more difficult, sometimes spanning multiple days in more remote landscapes and rougher surfaces. I became increasingly curious whether I could handle the physical and mental challenges of the Tour Divide. In 2022 I decided the time was finally as right as it would ever be and I committed to preparing for the 2023 Grand Depart from Banff!

Route info:


In preparation for the event, I have really enjoyed the longer hours on my bike and the challenges of tackling a big expedition like this. There are so many elements to consider and become familiar with: sleeping system, clothing for managing the elements, bike selection and setup, repair kit, lighting and charging, navigation, knowledge of the route and resupply points, and everything in between. Many of these choices are personal and require a lot of experience to decide what solution works best for each individual based on their goals and comfort. Things will be extremely difficult at times, but I know that these elective adversities can lead to personal growth, perspective, and gratitude. 

I am so thankful for the support from my family and the team at Ruby. I will be unavailable for over three weeks as I travel to Banff, ride, and recover, so this has meant passing along some of my responsibilities and empowering more folks at Ruby to expand their roles.


Jared's Mason ISO bike loaded up 
Ruby Essentials That Will Come Along On The Tour Divide

I'll be bringing along two of the Randi Jo pocket tenders, which I love! The left one will hold my bear spray along with some batteries and electronics. The small side pocket is great for snack bars, wrappers, sunscreen sticks. The right one holds a 1L Ruby Nalgene for staying hydrated. Nalgenes don't spill and they hold a little more water than typical bike water bottles. I'll also pack as much Creamery instant as I can into various crevices in my bags, but I might have to send myself a resupply to a post office midway down the route. If our new bike kit arrives in time I will probably wear that too!
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