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Newsletter: New Coffees For The New Season

This week we see the release of Colombia Jose Uribe Lasso, Guatemala Finca De Dios Nacimiento, and Guatemala Porfiria Martinez. All three of these coffees are absolutely fantastic, and we're just so happy that we're able to offer them.

Ruby has been buying coffee from Finca De Dios since the beginning. Jared actually first visited the farm in January of 2012, before Ruby even began. It's a strong, direct partnership where year after year, we are able to plan and strategize with the Prentice family about which coffees might be available, and how to be a valuable partner. 

Last year we were able to buy an extra lot of coffee to feature in Tomorrow Seasonal Project when a roaster had to back out of a purchase due to pandemic related issues. This year we were not only able to plan for that lot to go into Tomorrow Seasonal Project, but we also were still able to bring on multiple individual lots. The first is Nacimiento, which is named after a stream that runs through the property and features a collection from just their Pacas coffee trees. 

Porfiria Martinez is a coffee farmer who works closely with her son Javier in Huehuetenango. We were introduced to her coffees through one of our close import partners, and we love how delicate and pristine the flavors in her coffees are. Her son, Javier, is obsessed with quality, and sees it as the best way to push the farm forward.

Both of these coffees would normally be summer releases, but with pandemic related processing and logistics delays, climate change affecting growing season, and international shipping issues, we're thrilled that these coffees were able to arrive at all. Because of the time, care, and attention to detail from these farmers during the drying process, these coffees arrived tasting just as we hoped based on our pre shipment quality analysis. 

Ruby is fortunate in that our coffee sourcing is tied closely to direct relationships to farmers, and through importers and exporters. This means that almost all of the coffee we buy is allocated before the harvest season even starts, and we have clear, distinct plans for shipping and delivery of these coffees. Because of our close relationships in the sourcing of these coffees, Ruby is able to make sure the famers we work with are still able to sell the coffees they planned, and we're able to offer these amazing coffees consistently in our lineup. 

We also are launching Colombia Jose Uribe Lasso this week! Jose Uribe Lasso is a member of Los Guacharos whose coffee production is large enough to be able to feature his own unique lots. Jose has also benefited from his son joining his farming efforts and focusing on quality, and Jose has been in transition to organic farming through the help of the Guacharos coffee association. We have been working with the Guacharos group and Jose Lasso specifically for several years. 

All three of these coffees are truly stunning. One of the best things about creating partnerships with farmers is that with guaranteed relationships, most farmers are able to focus on harvesting and processing instead of spending time trying to find buyers and weighing their costs. With Ruby committed to these partnerships, all three of these farmers knew how much they could expect in price and quantity, and factor that into their seasonal planning. On our end, we continue to see the gains year after year as our menu is filled with traceable, transparent coffees that in many ways we have helped develop. We build our core menu based on seasonal variations in flavor from these existing partnerships. As we grow, we continue to prioritize buying more coffee from existing suppliers. 

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