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Newsletter: Spotlight On Peru

A New Peru.

The geography of Peru encompasses a long and beautiful coastline up into steep mountains and deep jungle. There's such a distinct separation between cities and coffee growing regions that coffee farmers in Peru have historically had difficulty finding ways to sell their coffee to potential buyers. This typically led to farmers banding together in co-operatives which helped bring together group marketing opportunities and get their lots sold. 

While co-operatives were able to create new opportunities for farmers to sell their coffee in large bulked lots advertised as Fair Trade and Certified Organic, it also made it difficult for farmers to market their coffees directly and earn higher premiums based on quality. Many times, Fair Trade and Organic certifications can help guarantee a higher floor price, but don't leave much room for higher premiums. This can help farmers better cover their cost of production, but doesn't always create the opportunity for farmers to actually earn profits the way they can if they are able to sell their coffees for quality based premiums.

Modern co-operatives, exporters, and importers are working to change this dynamic. While many still provide opportunities for farmers to get ceritifed as Fair Trade or Organic, they're also set up to better promoted individual farmers lots directly to coffee roasters, re-invest sales into agronomy support and education for farmers, and highlight just how wonderful and dynamic these new coffees from Peru really are.

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