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Talnamica is owned by the Ortiz Herrera family and is located in Apaneca Llamatepec, El Salvador. This lot is 100% washed Bourbon cultivar grown at roughly 1400 m, carefully processed by our friends at Cuatro M mill nearby. Our most recent visit to both farms was in December 2016. 

On a social level the folks behind Talnamica put an enormous amount of energy and resources toward looking after their workers and community. This includes medical support, education, emphasis on environmental sustainability and so much more. 

In the cup expect lots of sweetness and chocolate notes. We feel the mouthfeel resembles a bit of panna cotta creaminess, backed by rich notes of brownie and dark chocolate. This offering is a filter roast, but because of its exceptional sweetness we also recommend trying it as espresso. 

Region: Apaneca
Elevation: 1400 m

Varieties: Bourbon
Processing: washed, sun-dried 
Taste notes: cocoa, vanilla, lemon pie, marshmallow 

12 oz / 340 g whole bean 

We roast and ship Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (via USPS Priority)

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