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Once we have sourced and roasted a beautiful coffee we want to make sure all that hard work pays off in the cup!

Brewing coffee (and drinking it) is pretty much our number one hobby. Luckily we're able to justify having lots of toys and tools because it's also our profession. 

Tools and items needed: coffee grinder, fresh Rubies, filtered water. Optional, but encouraged: scale and timer.

Two main ideas to consider are strength and extraction. These concepts don't rely on a specific brew method or style. 

Strength addresses how much coffee is being used per unit of water. Specialty coffee generally agrees the sweet spot to be 60-70 grams of coffee per liter of water. 

Extraction is how much of the soluble material in coffee is being pulled out during the brew. An OVER-extracted coffee may taste bitter and dry, an UNDER may taste sour. Ideally we are aiming to pull out about 20% of the coffee's mass dissolved into the brew.

To consistently achieve the right balance of both strength and extraction we encourage the use of digital scales and timers (along with burr grinders). 

Right now our favorite simple brew method is the Hario V60, a Japanese pour over dripper. Here are a few variations on a similar recipe with grams of coffee, ml water:

15 g coffee / 250 ml water 

20 g coffee / 330 ml water 

25 g coffee / 415 ml water 

We have found great success (18-21% ext) with stirring during the first pour of water and at the end of adding water. Brew time is generally 2:30-3:30 depending on grind size and water temp. 

We're also fond of the Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Clever, Bonavita systems, and many other brew methods. They all tend to bring something fun and unique to the table.

Reach out if you have questions! We're always here to help you get good results!

Hario V60 dripper, digital scale, pouring kettle, re-appropriated Frieling french press, ground deliciousness


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