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Ruby packaging for 8oz and 12oz bags with the Biotre logo on them are made of Pacific Bag’s Biotre 2.0 material. Since day one, we have been pursuing packaging that is compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable, and made from renewable or recycled resources. At this time, we feel that Biotre 2.0 is the most sustainable packaging that can hold up to our quality standards. 


Biotre 2.0 is a packaging material composed of multiple laminated layers. The outer layers consist of cellulose from wood pulp, which is covered with natural Kraft paper on the outside, these materials make up 60% of the material by weight and have been shown to break down into healthy compost in 12 weeks when tested according to a test method called ASTM D6400. The interior layer consists of 100% plant-based, renewable resources, i.e. sugar cane, but is not biodegradable. 

This means that Ruby coffee bags made with Biotre 2.0 material can be added to a home compost heap, but will leave behind the interior layers once the outer layers have broken down. This helps reduce the amount of material entering a landfill, but is not recommended for compost piles designated for fertilizer. 

While the interior layer is made of renewable plant based resources, it is not biodegradable.  We feel strongly about the reduction of petroleum based products designed for single use, and switching to Biotre 2.0 achieves that goal. 

As newer materials are developed, we will keep pursuing options that present the lowest amount of environmental impact. In a few years, we hope to see 100% compostable packaging available in all sizes that Ruby uses to package coffee, and we are also exploring reusable options. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have to

Sustainability is a major focus at Ruby, and we want to be transparent about the status of our environmental efforts. Our Stevens Point cafe and Nelsonville Roastery both have extensive compost programs, and strong programs to reduce and limit single use items. We've also eliminated as many petroleum based items as we can in favor of plant based alternatives. We’re firm believers that as a company, we have a responsibility to present the best sustainable options for our customers and wholesale partners. Reducing environmental impact is a daily practice, and we hope to continue our sustainability pursuits with every initiative possible. 

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