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Our headquarters is located in Nelsonville, WI (population 155 at 2010 census), about 15 minutes outside of Stevens Point, WI, in rural Portage County. 

Our community has an abundance of great businesses with strong, honorable values. Plus it's beautiful!

Sunset Lake


Some of the key ones that have inspired us and make us excited to live here:

The Main Grain Bakery--undeniably the cutest spot in Portage County and delivering authentic, delicious breads and sweets. A personal favorite of ours are their brownies and on Wednesdays the Firecracker rolls. Or on Friday's the Stinger! Asiago Thyme too..Okay, pretty much anything/everything.

O'so Brewing--deliciously delicious beers. 'Discover the art of freestyle brewing.' Okay, twist my arm! Just amazing stuff and they're just getting going. We also collaborated with them on two coffee-infused beers recently. The first, 'Indonesian Coffee Train' has been getting rave reviews. Furthermore, their tap room has one of the most extensive Wisconsin-only beer lineups (40 taps) in the state! We recommend any of their new line of sours, Dank, Dominator and the more widely available Hopdinger and Night Train. Plus of course anything with coffee in it.

Central Waters--our closest brewery and the hot spot to be in Amherst on a Friday or Saturday (the two days their taproom is currently open). These guys have long been an inspiration for the quality and community they emphasize. Known throughout the midwest for their Bourbon Barrel Stout, Hop Rise session IPA, Slainte seasonal, and more. Amazing.

Farms, farmers, and more farmers-- Hard to really name them all because there are so many. But Nami Moon, Painted Rock, Rebel RuminantsBlack Rabbit, Whitefeather Organics to name just a few. We have the greatest abundance of local produce, meats, and other carefully raised products. Great people, driven to make a difference. We're so grateful. Collectively they are also brought together by an amazing local non-profit called Central Rivers Farmshed. 

Stevens Point Area Cooperativein business since the 70s, leader in local and organic foods!

MREA Midwest Renewable Energy Association-- This really amazing organization has offices in Milwaukee and also in Portage County. Every year they host an inspiring summit of great minds at the 'Energy Fair' in Custer. 

Underground Food CollectiveThese guys are a couple hours south, but we just have to mention them because they're an inspiration for the food and beverage community in Wisconsin and beyond. World class charcuterie (Good Foods Winners for meats and pickles), great restaurant and butchers shop. These guys and gals are simply changing the game.

The list could go on and on and on and already we're leaving out too many. Suffice to say, Wisconsin is a very rad place. Come visit, or just get your own little taste with a bag of coffee delivered to your door. We're proud of where we're at.


Portage County is roughly:
-1.5 hr from Green Bay
-2 hrs from Madison
-2.5 hrs from La Crosse
-2.5 hrs from Milwaukee
-3.5 hrs from Minneapolis
-4 hrs from Chicago


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