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April Subscriptions by Emily

Roaster’s Choice subscribers this month will receive Peru El Barejon and Colombia Pickers Project, which correspond respectively with Rich and Sweet, and Bright and Lively subscriptions. Let’s get into it. El Barejon is the name of Arcadio Guerrero’s farm in Peru, and generally speaking, coffees from Peru are known well for their sweet, chocolatey character. El Barejon definitely embodies this…and more! The first time we cupped it in a line of other available Peru offerings, its fruitiness practically knocked us over. Let me be clear that it’s not a bright, tart fruitiness, but more of a deep, syrupy fruitiness like a dark blue, mixed berry punch. It’s complex and articulate, and I can say with confidence that this is what I’ll be enjoying at home this month.

The other half of Roaster’s Choice, as well as Bright and Lively, is from Colombia. It’s called Pickers Project, which is the name of a more-than-notable initiative started by the exporter, Azahar. This project aims to provide a more secure and dignified work environment for coffee pickers. Check out our info sheet for more information on this initiative and more. The positive effects of this project are also reflected in the quality of the cup. Similar to how El Barejon stood out in our initial cupping of it, Pickers Project easily emerged as the top pick when we first cupped it alongside other options. We found it fruity, complex, articulate, and sweet. All things I said about El Barjeon, but in a completely different way. Whether you’ll be tasting both of these this month, or just one, we’re excited to share them with you.

April is an exciting month, not only because of the coming of spring, and these awesome coffees we have to share, but also because it’s National Poetry month! I wrote some Haikus to share with you, and there’s a reason for this. After cupping, we typically take some time to sit down together and talk about our perceptions of the coffees we just tasted. This not only allows us to stay in sync with one another, but also supplies an opportunity to address concerns and make changes as needed. As we review our notes out loud, I find that they occasionally sound like a Haiku, and I laugh at our happenstance homage to the coffee. Some of you may have already known about National Poetry month, but I didn’t know until last week, so when I found out, I couldn’t wait to write Haikus for this month’s subscription coffees. Here we go!

El Barejon 
Deep berry fruit notes
Emerging from dark chocolate
Oops I drank it all

Pickers Project
Refreshing, for sure
Can’t put my finger on it
Honey lemonade?
Thank you for reading!
Emily, Lead Roaster
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