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December 2023 Subscriptions by Lead Roaster Emily

In your December subscription package, you’ll find some coffee that we are super stoked to share with you. If you’re signed up for the Roaster’s Choice, it’ll be Guacharos and Rigoberto, if you’re a Rich and Sweet subscriber, you’ll get Rigoberto, and if you’re a Bright and Lively subscriber, you’ll get to enjoy Refisa. Let me break down why each of these is so special.



First off, the flavors that Guacharos has to offer are quite unique and interesting. When we come around to it on the cupping table, an involuntary “woah,” is often muttered. It typically smells and tastes like lychee, a syrupy sweet tropical fruit. Side note: if lychee is not available to try at a grocery store near you, it can often be found in cans at a nearby Asian grocery store, and I’d highly recommend trying it if you’re curious. The notes on your bag of Guacharos may be a bit different than what you might normally see from us (bubblegum?!), but rest assured that the unique qualities of this coffee are not overpowering. They are balanced out by other classic coffee flavors like sweet dark chocolate, making a delicious cup.



Next up is Rigoberto. Subscribers receiving this coffee can count themselves lucky, because we don’t have a lot of it to go around this year, and it is absolutely delightful. Upon its arrival to headquarters, we did a sample roast, and when we tasted it, production roaster Katy and I were completely giddy with excitement to get a full size production batch done. We were dazzled by its perfectly appropriate wintertime notes like snickerdoodle cookie and dried cranberry. I will no doubt be drinking a lot of this one while it’s around, and I’m thrilled you’ll get to experience it, too.



Last but not least, we have Refisa - another offering that is a subscriber exclusive at this time. Refisa is currently a component in our organic blend, August, and I’m glad that this month it gets its own spotlight. When we cupped Refisa last Friday, we noted tangerine, bergamot, and baked goods. It has just the right balance between fruit acidity and sugary sweetness, and I often like to compare it to a peach pie because it’s neither too bright nor excessively sugary. If there was a “Bright and Sweet” category, Refisa would be the perfect example. 

So count your lucky stars this month as a Ruby subscriber. Guacharos, Rigoberto, and Refisa are all very exciting and unique, and I’m glad to be enjoying them with you!


Thanks for reading,
Lead Roaster
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