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Newsletter: Earth Day and One Tree Planted

Trees are very important for coffee. Not only does the coffee fruit grow on a tree, coffee farmers rely on natural forest growth to provide shade and biodiversity for their coffee farms. It's shade trees that allow coffee fruit to ripen slowly and evenly, and shade trees that help contribute nutrients back to the soil to allow coffee trees to thrive in their enviornment.

This year for Earth Day we’re working with One Tree Planted to help plant trees around coffee growing regions in Latin America in order to protect their delicate ecosystems.  We’ll donate one tree for the first 250 orders this weekend and also match that amount for a total of 500 trees.

Sustainability is important to us year round. Along with responsibly sourcing our coffees, we also strive to reduce our footprint with our in house practices. This includes using green cleaning products whenever possible, working with a local organization to compost our organic waste, and using sustainable low waste materials for our cafe to-go items. Our 12oz bags are also composed of plant based materials.  You can read a little more about our sustainability efforts here:

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