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Favorite Coffees by Jared

My favorite coffee at any time will depend on what is in season and most fresh at that specific moment. During the summer months, we are fortunate to have an absolute abundance of new arrivals from Central America and East Africa. Coffees are now pouring in from Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras and more. 

One of my current go to coffees has been Kenya Ndundu, which is just an exceptional example of why Kenyan coffees are so revered. It has a bursting complexity and wide range of delightful fruity notes. As an espresso it is pretty intense, with dominant grapefruit and apricot notes with unique baking spice and caramel undertones. I especially like it prepared as a filter or drip coffee because it really opens up to reveal lots of berry flavors, layers of chocolate, and harmonious balance. Whether you already love coffees from Kenya or are curious to try something new, I really recommend giving this one a shot while we have it in stock! 

If you tend to prefer more chocolatey coffees, we have no shortage of amazing options right now. One particularly interesting pairing are two unique varietal separations from long time partners at Natamaya in El Salvador. We’re currently offering both a Pacamara lot and a Bourbon & Pacas lot. These are two extremely sweet offerings that perform well on all brew methods, including espresso. 

One more current option that I’m excited to highlight is a limited release from Guji Uraga in Ethiopia, which is a coffee that we won a Good Food Award for in 2016. We have had a number of lots from this region and they tend to share a great peachy flavor profile, with a custard-like sweetness. We initially bought this exclusively for our subscriber club, but we overshot inventory slightly so we’re opening up a limited amount to the rest of our customers now!

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